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June 01, 2020

What’s The Price?

What’s The Price?

We spend a lot of time thinking about our ideal life.

About how we can improve ourselves and our

circumstances. About what we don’t have, how we’re not good enough,

and how unfortunate we are.

Guaranteed you have something that someone else

desperately wants that you have taken for granted.

Certainly there is something or someone in your life

right now that you would miss terribly if it/they were

gone. And definitely if you developed a terrible illness or

suffered a serious injury tomorrow you would wish you

could come back to the way things are today.

Wanting more and wanting to be better does sometimes

help us improve our future circumstances.

If you are going to sacrifice what you have now —

your time, your health, your finances, relationships,

etc., for what it can bring you in the future, make

sure it’s worth it, because what you sacrifice now may

not be recoverable later.

There’s always a price to be paid for reaching future


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I'll see you on the inside.

Let´s be thankful for the things we’ve been granted.

Have an amazing day!!

I, Kourosh Kavian, am a real person and I live in Sweden with my wife and two kids.

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