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June 17, 2020

First go for a small goal, BUT a goal that truly would change your life.

How EASY is it truly to make $2000 per month and

why would I only want to go for that instead of a MILLION per month?

( great question.. let's answer it )

First let's attack the going for a MILLION..

If you go for a MILLION right off the bat, it wins and you will lose.

You instantly will start getting so much INNER CHATTER

that will eventually make you quit. In others words,

going for something that BIG is too big a goal at first.

Instead, why not TRICK that illusive goal by doing this.

First go for a small goal, BUT a goal that truly would change your life.

Adding $2000 per month to your income,

if you really think about it will change a ton in your life.

( For one, you probably now will make more online than you do at your current job if you have one. )

Okay, so is it really easy to make a $2000 per month income online and how, if so?

The trick is to understand this LOGICALLY and not from some rah rah gonna kill it view.

( false motivation does not make you money, only adrenaline )

In other words don't get excited about what

I will show you in this video here--> ,

rather just watch it from an educated non hyped up view point.

Next is you simply take action from what you are taught

and watch in amazement how realistically you will find

20 other people online that will have the same view point as

you while watching the video and also will want to go for it.

Those 20 will pay you $25 per week to be in the membership which pays you $2000 per month.

Another trick is to KNOW that you will find a bunch of

people that will not have the same view point or in other

words will say no thank you and they will go back to living

their normal lives of not having an extra $2000 per month coming in,

but and here is the BRILLIANCE of this program,

some will say yes and those are the ones that will make you $2000 per month for starters.

So, how do you get rich? Simple.

You just keep doing what you did to get that 20 over and over and over...

( getting rich has always been VERY BORING and simple,

but the benefits you and your family get is so rewarding for

YOU get to live unlike 95% of the rest of the world now. )

95% will continue that clock in life for a longggggg time and you will not have to.

The first step is to simply be LOGICAL about the video you are

about to watch and then just take ACTION and watch in

amazement how this long boring post changed your life.

If you're ready, come watch this simple yet brilliant video

that has been waiting on you the whole time and let it

change you and your family's life all starting with a

$2000 monthly income-->


We are LIVE 3 times a week. I do not leave anyone behind.

To our Mutual Success!

PS. Sorry this post was NOT HYPED up,

it wasn't meant for you. It was meant for that tiny handful that are

about to change everything they know about online marketing.

Want to start an online business but donĀ“t know where to begin?

If you see what's happening right now,

and know that now is the time to act,

but you lack the opportunity and support,

you'll find it here...

I'll see you on the inside.

I live in Sweden with my wife and two kids.

You can always reach me at:


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instead of just promises...

We are LIVE 3 times a week.

Mondays and Thursdays 8 pm EST and Saturdays 1 pm EST.

We do not leave anyone behind.

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Have an amazing day!!

Kourosh Kavian


Site owner, Personal Development Inside Out

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