Use affirmations for prosperity

to reach your financial goals

These affirmations for prosperity will assist your subconcsious mind and program yourself for success; in this case financial success. As always, you have to say your affirmations with conviction (even if you are not at all convinced at first). The point is to send positive messages to your subconscious mind to replace the negative chatter that stops you from developing personally, mentally, spiritually, socially and finacially.

Examples of affirmations for prosperity

I deserve prosperity.

I am prosperous.

I now have an income of ______________ per month.

I love being prosperous.

I am wealthy, healthy and happy.

Universe has enough for all of us.

Prosperity is coming to me effortlessly.

I welcome money and wealth into my life.

I now have more than enough personal wealth.

I enjoy sharing my wealth with others.

I am connected to an unlimited source of abundance.

Now, these are just some examples of affirmations. Please be as creative as you wish when you design affirmations that suit your mentality, your personality, your life and your situation:

I am __________________________.

I now have ____________________.


So even if you do not quite believe in every single word as you start out with these affirmations for prosperity, you must continue reading and saying them at least twice daily. It is a matter of conditioning. From the incredible to the credible. From disbelief to belief. After all, we create our own thoughts, beliefs and realities. So why not make them as prosperous and happy as possible?

Affirmations for prosperity are really fun. If you (like the majority of us) have never had thoughts of abundance, you might feel a slight resistence at first. But make it fun! Universe is a place of total abundance where miracles takes place on all levels every single second all the time. You too are included in this incredible abundance! It is possible to create prosperity, but first you need the right mind set. Affirmations for prosperity will create that mind set and gradually create more abundance in your life.

Remember that all affirmations should be stated in positive terms. They are YOUR statements, so use the words I AM. This phrase makes it easy for your subconscious mind to take in the fact that you are addressing yourself.

Moreover, as we discussed on the main affirmations page on this site, affirmations should be stated in the present tense: I AM. Not "I want to", "I will" or "I hope". Phrase your affirmation as if it is already a reality. So an example of affirmations for prosperity would be "I am wealthy". Keep it nice and simple.

Everything takes place in the "NOW". Pretend that everything you want already exists in your life. Add the little word "now" to your affirmations to enhance the effect.

Additionally; for affirmations for prosperity, it is useful to state whatever material wealth you desire by using the words "I HAVE".

Many of us have been brought up to believe that money is a bad thing. Money is often related to feelings of guilt (often we are totally unaware of it!), and that is why it is important to understand that money is not a bad thing in itself. It is just paper, or not even paper there days, but an electronic creation at banks. Money has the potential power to do good or bad things. If you are convinced that you want prosperity to do good things for yourself and others, you need to believe that it is possible and that Universe will provide whatever you desire. You need to accept it and believe in it. You create prosperity in your mind and nourish the thought with belief, acceptance, desire, affirmations and gratitude.

Finally, rid yourself of a mentality of scarcity and lack. Realize that there is enough abundance for all of us. And it starts in your own mind. What you think about, you will manifest. So manifest a great, health, happy and prosperous life. Have fun!

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