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Great books for personal development add value to your experience and enrich your life. The great books I recommend here can change your life!

I am an avid reader of personal development books myself. I only recommend books and authors that I have read, studied and benefited from personally. There are thousands of inspirational books out there, so I will only recommend the ones I find most helpful.
My own personal development library is huge by now. Although it uses up space at home, I like to buy and collect books. In recent years, my collections also include personal development e-books and hundreds of audio programs and CD:s on self improvement and personal growth.
Among the first few personal development books I read were the awesome stories that Carlos Castaneda told in great books like The Teachings of Don Juan. A Yaqui way of knowledge. This subsequently inspired me to reading A Separate Reality. Further Conversations with Don Juan, Journey to Ixtlan: The Lessons of Don Juan, Tales of Power, The Second Ring of Power, The Eagle´s Gift, The Fire from Within and The Power of Silence.

I cannot begin to accurately express what impact those great books have had in my life. Its mysticism and descriptions of realities beyond the common explanations are nothing less than life changing!

Consequently, when I started listening to the great teachings of Wayne Dyer, I immediately trusted him because he too mentions Carlos Castaneda as one of his most influential mentors! In one of Waye Dyer´s audios, he shares a very touching true story about a quote from Carlos Castaneda and a lady who desperately needed his advice.

I think Wayne Dyer is truly one of the world´s most inspiring and knowledgeable teachers of our time. I would not mind dedicating this web site to Dr. Wayne Dyer due to the impact his teachings have had in my and my family´s life. In fact, the look and feel of this personal development web site was chosen from a concept that Wayne Dyer shared in one of his tapes: It is what is INSIDE that matters. If you squeeze an orange, you will get orange juice. If somebody squeezes you, the stuff that is inside of YOU will come out, not anything else. That is why we can develop ourselves and improve our insides and not outsides. Because if we change our exteriors and get squeezed by circumstances or people, the same things will still come out. Regardless of who performs the squeezing. I love that metaphor.

I could dedicate a whole site to him,
but for now I provide a link to more information about Dr. Wayne Dyer.

I also want to mention "The Secret" which explains the concept of the law of attraction.

Another major influence in my life is Tony Robbins. And let´s face it, who could be into personal development and not respect that man? In the olden days (the eighties), I read Unlimited Power (one of the really great, great books for personal development)and I wish I could say it changed my life...but it did not. Not then, because I was not ready for it. Years later however, as I devoured hundreds of other great books for personal development, I realized just how influential Tony Robbins is. He is so good at what he does, that he has coached presidents, leaders, athletes and thousands of other individuals around the world to lives with unlimited power. No doubt about it, Anthony Robbins is a giant in personal development!

But who on earth was Anthony Robbins´mentor in those early days? That guy must have really learnt a thing or two about life, success, goals, people and the mind, right? Well, when Tony Robbins was still a newbie, his mentor was another giant in the personal development industry: Jim Rohn. Honestly speaking, so far there have been few other tools that have helped me so greatly as the Success Plan and the great books that Jim Rohn has created. I could write forever about all the benefits that both I and others have achieved through following this excellent material. Jim Rohn´s "One Year Success Plan" is outstanding!

As you read books on personal development, you will very likely come across the name of Zig Ziglar. He is mentioned too in the movie "The Secret". Zig Ziglar is one of the wisest and most entertaining people I have ever listened to. I really think that more or less everything that he says in his great books and recordings could be taught as lessons in positive attitude. Invaluable stuff from Zig Ziglar.

Among all the great books for personal development that I have had the good fortune to read, is The Business School for People Who Like Helping People. The Eight Hidden Values of a Network Marketing Business, Other than Making Money by Robert Kiyosaki (author of Rich Dad Poor Dad book series).
He really opened my eyes to the reasons why some people just make a living, and why some make a fortune. In a nutshell, if you want to become ultra rich, you can not stay in the E-quadrant (representing Employee) nor the S-quadrant (representing Self employed or Small business owner).

No, you have to make the shift to the B-quadrant (representing Business owner) or preferably the I-quadrant (representing Investor). Robert Kiyosaki´s explanations concern values and thankfully, we can all engage in personal values development, right? If we do, we can move to a more fulfilling quadrant. Robert Kiyosaki´s great books are highly recommended.

A totally different kind of personal development category is the one that Eckhart Tolle represents. His teachings about the Power of Now and the concept of pain-body are invaluable to anybody who wants to understand the origin of suffering and do something about it. Tolle´s approach is stillness and to stop identifying with our thoughts. Of all the great books on self improvement I have read, Eckhart Tolle´s are definitely among the most inspirational.

Eckhart Tolle and his approach to the concept of pain-body and the power of now is something we all need to learn.

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