Zig Ziglar

Substantial and Entertaining Motivator

Legend Zig Ziglar is one of the most entertaining motivational speakers I have ever listened to. But Zig isn´t just some funny man. His insights about life, sales, negotiation, motivation, work, money, friendship and faith are truly substantial. Some introductory quotes:

"Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude."

"You move ahead by helping other people, not by abusing other people."

"The sales process is something you do for people, not to people."

"Sales is about helping people solve problems."

"Selling is a transferral of feelings."

"Duty makes us do things well, but love makes us do them beautifully."

(Z. Ziglar)

I had been into personal development in various ways for many years before I heard about Zig Ziglar. If I remember correctly, the first time I came across his name was as I heard it mentioned in the movie "The Secret" and I jotted his name down in my personal development journal.

There is an episode in "The Secret" where Morris Goodman a.k.a. "The Miracle Man" who crashed with his plane in 1981, talks about how his wife brought him tapes to hospital as he was in a coma. The cassettes were by Zig Ziglar, I recall. But as I just said, amazingly enough, at that time I didn´t know who he was...

Perhaps Zig Ziglar is simply more well-known in the USA than in Europe, where I live. But the more I have learned about him, the more the image of a true legend in sales, negotiation and motivation appears. And I now know that he is one of the world´s premier sales experts.

One of the very first CD:s I got by Ziglar was from the "Jim Rohn Weekend Event Excelling in the New Millennium". Really great and inspiring.

They both know exactly how to motivate their audience. And they both do it intelligently, humorously and with a great deal of insight and experience. Moreover, Zig Ziglar is unforgettable with his strong, unmistakable and delightful accent.

To my delight, I have continued to collect and listen to Zig Ziglar´s excellent material. Some titles are "Developing the Qualities of Success", "Changing the Picture" and "The Goals Program".

By now, I have listened to all of them countless of times and the reason is that they are so entertaining and packed with substantial information.

Many motivational speakers try to copy each other, but with Zig Ziglar, I get the impression that his material is uniquely his own.

In his speeches, he makes many references to the Bible and I believe that his mission is to spread the concept of the Golden Rule and encourage people to integrate the Golden Rule in their lives and live by it. Treat people the same way as you want them to treat you. Why make it any more complicated than that?

Zig Ziglar really is a master communicator, just as his good friend Jim Rohn, who have known each other for years. The things that make Ziglar unique are his sense of humour and ability to tell a funny story, have his audience roar in laughter, and then extract a piece of wisdom from there and translate it into serious words.

In an audio of his, he tells a joke about a lady who on her hundredth birthday got a free hair treatment at a beauty parlour. The hairdresser chatted and told the lady "Can you imagine? You are exactly twice my age!" The centenarian then replied: "Oh dear! Who on earth is going to do my hair when you get as old as I am?!"

That´s an example of real positive attitude by Zig Ziglar!

One of the main benefits for me from the CD:s with him is how to refine your goals. Ziglar´s "Goals Program" in combination with Jim Rohn´s "One Year Success Plan" have really got me and many people I know into goal setting.

And not just setting goals and leaving them in a box somewhere, but actually learning how to set and achieve goals. Please refer to the goals´section at this site´s navigation bar! Readers will find useful instructions there on goal setting theory and goal setting success.

Ziglar is a best selling author of numerous books and his works have been translated into several languages and dialects around the world. "See you at the top!" is a phrase Zig often uses at the end of his speeches. And I believe him! Let´s follow his excellent advice and meet at the top!

Ziglar with his unmistakable accent, sense of humour, warmth and personality is truly a very substantial motivational speaker!

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