The Power of Positive Thinking

A Positive Attitude Leads to Personal Growth and Development

The power of positive thinking is very powerful indeed. Why? It relates to the fact that the process of thinking takes place most of our time awake, whether we like it or not. Additionally, every single action we carry out originates from a thought. We cannot act upon anything unless there has been a thought about it first. Our whole organism reacts on what goes on inside our heads. THAT is what is so powerful about it. Because it means that we have the power to control our thoughts, actions and results. Our destiny is in our own hands.

It also means that you become really careful about what you think. Your subconscious mind will act on any thought as a command, whether the message is positive or negative. And since you have the choice, it makes sense to direct your thoughts in a constructive way, to your best benefit. The secret is to take small steps of positive thinking and applying them little by little.

There are empowering thoughts. They are uplifting, inspiring, joyful, full of hope and positive energy. Having a positive thinking attitude is like feeding energy to yourself. Consequently, the opposite is true of negative thoughts. They rob your energy and attract more negativity into your life.

Do you wake up every morning saying "Good morning God!" or do you say "Good God, morning..."? Sometimes it is a matter of small, but powerful changes that make your attitude more positive. Small changes that transform your thinking from the negative to the positive, just like a photo...

So it is all about conditioning yourself to a positive mental attitude. I say conditioning because it is a process that might require some time and effort on your part. You need to go beyond positive thinking. If you are very conditioned to negative thought patterns (and most of us are), you are probably also used to blaming others for anything bad in your life. As a result you complain about work, your boss, your spouse, your kids, your neighbors, the school of your kids, the government, the weather, God... anything or anybody! And if you complain and expect them to be bad to you, your subconscious mind will create that scenario for you. Others cannot be blamed. Your thoughts are responsible for what is going on in your life.

"You become what you think about all day long."

(Earl Nightingale)

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There are many parallels and similarities between positive thinking and affirmations. The same basic principles apply to both:

Phrase your statements in positive terms.

Counter negativity by interrupting the pattern. As a negative thought arises, just jump to any thought that has a positive message. If you are stuck with ongoing destructive thoughts, make yourself shift focus to anything beautiful, loving or otherwise empowering. The trick is to shift focus. Not stay in a negative place. "Do not rent mental space to anything that you do NOT want."

Expect it to happen. Whether you think you can or you cannot do something is equally true! So you might as well choose to believe that you CAN. Now THAT is the power of positive thinking!

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