What Is Personal Development?

Taking Responsibility For Your Self Improvement Success In Life

You have reached this page because you take an interest in the question "What is personal development?" We have many names for the things we love, and basically it´s all about self improvement! Personal development, self growth, self improvement and self development are all terms describing the same thing: The conscious act of improving yourself in every possible way into something that you choose.

Your free choice is essential in self improvement, because it is what you want out of your life that counts. Not what the personal development tests dictate that you should pass or not!
Personal development and motivation go hand in hand. Here is what to do if you need to boost your personal development motivation.

Here is an example of how to create a self improvement plan.

Life coach for personal development? Who and how?

It is a conscious act, because you choose to take certain actions to achieve specific results. And it is personal, because nobody else can get inside your mind and really know what is in there. Personal values development is a great way to make informed choices in life.

But a valid question is; why should you care? Personal development, so what? Is personal development something that will have an impact in my life, something that will improve my consciousness? We all know how difficult it is sometimes to stay focused on the things that are good for us. We all tend to forget just how powerful our own minds are, and also how easily we are distracted by negativity.

Mindfulness, however, is a method that helps you focus on the present moment and increase your awareness. It is a powerful personal development technique that you can easily apply. Feel free to use the instructions on the mindfulness page.

Others can get inside your mind with their influence, and obvious or subtle influence take place all the time. Just think of the power of media and its negative influence on how we perceive the world.
This site however wants to approach things from a holistic point of view.

With self improvement on the other hand, YOU are in command of what you allow to influence your mind. You begin to develop strategies for thought patterns that support you and your desired results. Gradually you eliminate the negative influences and substitute those with supportive ones. Brain wash? Of course! It is a voluntary brain wash that focuses entirely on the best outcome for you. So what is personal development? "A voluntary brain wash" is one of the many aspects of personal development! But you will need a strategy.

Moreover, it is a very good idea to keep a journal. For ideas and inspiration on personal journals, go here.

Personal development is a process that requires some effort. In many cases, we are so stuffed with other people´s concepts of how life should be lived, that we do not know where to start to find our own unique values. You could start by asking "Who am I?", "What is personal development?" and "How can this help me to grow personally?

One of the central concepts of this site is that we have to be in order to do before we can have. In other words, if we focus on personal values development and our unique personal growth and development, we have a solid platform to build on. For everyone who uses the internet, it is possible to improve and grow personally by taking advantage of all the

personal development online that is available! This site is an example of a resource for personal growth, improvement and development. Make use of its tools and information as much and often as you wish.

Consequently, this site provides self improvement advice, tips on how to motivate yourself for success in life, some great personal development tools like personal development courses, great books for personal development, affirmations, goal setting theory, sample personal development plans and lots more to assist you in building a better you; or how to program yourself for success. Hopefully, the content here will lead you towards an answer to the question "What is personal development?"
So why not start with some of my personal development articles?

Kourosh Kavian, EzineArticles.com Basic PLUS Author

Naturally, great books for personal development plays a huge part in my life. There are hundreds of self help authors that I have benefitted from, and here is a selection from my personal development library.

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