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Outlined below is a very rough personal development strategy (taken from my own personal development articles published on Ezine to give you a basic understanding of the concept. The banner below takes you to many more of my personal development articles.

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A Concise Personal Development Strategy

Success with personal development. Is it possible? In my experience the only true way to reach any success is to develop yourself, your values and beliefs first and little by little (or suddenly!)other areas in your life will develop too.

Perhaps you have read some popular personal development articles and asked yourself: Are you one of those who want to be more? To have more? Not totally happy with your life. Do you feel that you are trapped by life, instead of embraced by it? Well, let me tell you that it is possible to break free and get truly fulfilled. What you need is a personal development plan to start you out. Something simple and doable.

One reason many people feel lost and unhappy in their lives is because they believe that they have to own a lot of stuff in order to be happy. In many average personal development articles, you are led to beleive that it is all so complicated. However, as you start out with personal growth, you will see that you have to BE before you DO in order to HAVE. In other words, we have been taught to HAVE certain possessions before we are qualified to DO certain things for us to BE happy and fulfilled. Accordingly, lesson one in your pursuit for a life in harmony must be this; begin with YOU! When you develop your mind, you can do whatever you like and ultimately have whatever you want.

From other personal development articles I have seen one of my favorite authors Zig Ziglar put it like this: "You can lose what you have and still be what you are."

I strongly believe that major changes take place in all areas in your life when begin to develop yourself. And the reason is that ALL change start with YOU and your mind. Some people think that is a ridiculous statement and ask: Can I really get financial success through self growth? The answer is YES! I believe that income follows personal growth. In other words; you work with yourself to get emotional, spiritual and social success and finally, you WILL get material success through the work you have put into your self growth. On one level, just by reading something constructive like this or other personal development articles, will turn your mind in the desired direction.

Where do you start then?

1. DESIRE! You have to know what you want to achieve. You need DREAMS. You need a strong and overwhelming sense of burning desire to reach those dreams. You need to feel excited about your dreams, because they are what fuels your mind to transform the dreams into reality.

2. DECIDE! The Latin origin of this word means to "cut off from". In other words, go in a different direction. You and only you must decide when and if the time is right for changes in your life. You absolutely have to decide yourself! Real change will not take place if the decision comes from a spouse, parent, friend etc. They probably mean well, but it is your life and your decision.

3. TAKE ACTION! Lots of people decide they want a change. OK, but that is not enough. In one of his excellent articles on personal growth and values, Robert Kiyosaki´s rich Dad once said: "Three cats sit on a roof. One decides to jump. How many are left?" Think, think,, it is NOT two. It is three. The cat decided to jump. It does not mean it did jump. That is a significant difference. Taking action means doing something differently this time. Something that will bring you closer to your dream. If you keep doing what you have always done, you will always get the same results. One of the main things in any personal development strategy then is to set goals to do things differently. So..

4. SET GOALS! You have heard it before; how can you reach a goal if it is not even there? A good self development program will provide you with the tools for goals planning. Usually you will break down your goals into daily, weekly, monthly and yearly sections. It is hard work in the beginning if you have never done things like this before. After all, most people spend more time planning their two-week vacation, than they spend planning their actual life. However, once you get accustomed to goal setting, you will find yourself setting goals for everything you want to achieve, because it is truly rewarding and energizing to actually achieve goals.

5. REWARD YOURSELF! When you have reached a specific goal, celebrate and get back to work! If you fail to reach a goal at a specific time, just remind yourself that failure is an event - not a person!

This personal development article wanted to point out some basics. In conclusion, you have to be before you do, and you have to do before you have. I love to possess things, but above all, I love to possess my mind in peace.

That´s one of my personal development articles. I will be adding more as the site progresses. A link (the banner graphic) to my personal development articles on Ezine Articles has been added near the top of this page. I have a great number of personal development articles in various categories featured there; success, goal setting, affirmations, inspiration and lots more.

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