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Success in Life Comes from Success Principles rather than Secrets of Success

The concept of success is fascinating. Are there any success secrets to be learned? Most of us would like to improve our lives, and initially most of us think of achievements and progress in financial terms. Very rarely however, we stop and ask ourselves if it can be something other than material manifestations. Our values also change depending on the situation we are in.

Through planning and goal setting, you will develop your success philosophy!

Learn how to soar to success!

Here are some simple and inspiring strategies for success. Worth reading!

And here you´ll find 6 powerful ways of attaining a success mindset!
Whatever situation we are in, there are principles for success which can be applied to any area in life, to any definition of success you prefer to create right now.

The success principles are found here.

There are many factors which stops us from achieving. One of the main factors is fear of success.

In the clip below, Steve Jobs, shares his ideas about success and how to live before you die. It is a brilliant speech! Mr. Jobs´speech contains all the insights and wisdom of a person who has the real experience of both happiness and pain. In many ways, it is the success secrets of Steve Jobs. He ends his famous speech with an appeal to the Stanford students to: "Stay hungry! Stay foolish!" Powerful words from the brilliant mind of Steve Jobs.

The inspiring true story of a miracle is right here.

The strangest secret, however, according to Earl Nightingale, is the fact that we become what we think about all day long. The reason that it is the strangest secret ever, is the fact that we have conditioned ourselves into believing that we are not responsible for our lives. But we are. And it all begins with what goes on inside of us; what we spend our days thinking about forms our lives, dreams and destiny. That is the strangest secret.

The realization that "financial improvement follows personal growth" can be a turning point! That is probably one of the major success secrets out there...

Anyone who starts to develop emotionally, spiritually, socially and physically will notice that a huge financial progress is not far away. In fact, most of the time, it is a prerequisite for creating a truly abundant life in financial terms also. Additionally, it is possible to get training for success in life.

If you doubt it, why are there so many miserable millionaires out there turning to personal development? They are all searching for the missing pieces, the pieces that money alone could not fulfill. Once we find ourselves, the rest is easy! Start by defining to yourself: What is success? How can you apply the success secrets to your life situation?

Do not get me wrong now! I like money, or rather, I love the freedom that money can buy me. But I know that without being emotionally, physically, spiritually and socially balanced, money would not mean very much in the long run.

One of my mentors, Eckhart Tolle, points out that "If you have identified with your wealth, then what happens if you loose your American Express Platinum Card? You loose your identity. I am nothing without my Platinum card!" How sad. And how true.

Please refer to the Quotes link for more inspiring, thought provoking, uplifting and excellent quotes on this topic.

Quotes on Success

And that is where the concept of failure comes in. Once in a while we could ask ourselves what is holding us back. Is it fear of true achievements or fear of failure? Here is a relevant article of mine.

But if you realize that you must BE in order to DO and DO in order to HAVE, you start out from a healthier view point. This is a concept that I will return to over and over again. So simple, and so profound. Consequently, you can loose what you HAVE and still BE who you ARE. That is also one of the success secrets.

Needless to say. "Secrets for success" is more or less the starting point of this site and one of my favorite topics. Follow this link to related articles.

So why do I use "Success Secrets" the title of this page? Is there a magical trick to learn? Are there some principles and formulas out there that anyone can apply? Yes and no.

There is no magic involved (except for the unfathomable grace of Universe!). But I do believe that certain principles exist, and that those are applied by a great number of highly successful people around the globe. Let´s call them a recipe for success.

Lots of people fear public speaking for instance. Is there a success recipe to follow to overcome your fear and become a confident speaker? Yes! One helpful example is all the advice for public speaking success given on this page.

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