Your success philosophy

Strategies for a successful life

Perhaps you haven´t thought in terms of a clear success philosophy for your goals in life, your personal development and your ultimate success.

However, once you get into the habit of setting goals for every aspect of your life, it is very clear that by doing so you apply a kind of success philosophy too.

By setting goals, you make a plan for your success, you prepare for a successful outcome and you adapt to a success mindset.

We have already taken a look at various definitions of success (you´ll find the links from the success secrets page). Consequently, you have to define which kind of success you strive for. That is the starting point. 

Define what success means to you.
Are you mainly focusing on finanial and material success, or do you also consider social, emotional and spiritual success?  

Soar to success.
Expect to become successful. If you wake up in the morning asking yourself negative things like "can I survive another day at work?", or "I´m tired, I´m always tired. Can I make make a successful presentation today?" you have not programmed yourself to succeed.

A big part of a functional success philosophy is expecting good things to happen. If we look at the examples above, it is more proactive to think "I wonder in what way I will have an exciting day at work" and "I am OK. I will do my best and that´s fine."

Notice that you don´t have to make enormous claims that sounds like lying to yourself. Just shift from negative expectations to positive.

Fake it till you make it.
Affirmations are extremely helpful in re-programming your subconscious mind. By telling yourself regularly exactly how you want things to be, but "pretending" that they are for real, you will get into the habit of positive thinking.

We have published a large number of affirmations on this personal development site since they are so important for self growth and improvement. So be inspired at the affirmation pages!

Take care of your health.
A basic factor in anyone´s philosophy about success is taking care of your physical, mental and spiritual health. By eating sensibly, by taking exercise and by engaging in mindfulness and meditation, you lay a sound foundation for a healthy life style.

In our technologically advanced world, many of us have lost touch with basic eating habits. So if you don´t want a complicated diet, keep it simple:

Natural foods are good for you.

Processed, industry made foods are bad for you.

Natural exercise is simple:

Walking, running, swimming...Most people can do this.

Meditation is easy too.

Find 20 minutes a day to just listen to the silence and do nothing. Those minutes are well invested time and will pay you back with harmony, well being and peace of mind. This site also offers information about mindfulness which is an outstanding tools for personal development. So simple, so beneficial.

Take personal responsibility.
I really do believe that personal responsibility is a main factor for the success maker. How can you grow personally without taking responsibility for your thoughts, behavior and actions? Accordingly, taking responsibility is the main aspect of your success philosophy.

Irresponsible behavior is relying on chance and blaming cirumstances. Responsible behavior includes taking care of yourself in the best way possible.

So start preparing for successful personal growth now. Sticking to a success philosophy isn´t a philosophocal question, but a very practial one.

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