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    May 25, 2023

    Personal development that transforms you and your life.


    Personal development starts from the inside! Success principles, self improvement advice and other free tools for personal growth. Goal setting and positive thinking build you from the inside and out.

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    May 10, 2021

    Avoid Arguments

    Arguments can be devastating and destructive. Mostly that is because we are more focused on being right ourselves than actually solving the problem. To turn that around we can remind ourselves to talk less and listen more. We have two ears and only one mouth for a reason! Additionally, there is no need to argue, but look at a dispute as mutual teaching and learning. Remember that the other person possibly does not know better at this very moment, so there is no need to be defensive.

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    May 05, 2021

    Part of everyone

    Many times we take certain things for granted and think that others know or share the same knowledge, but naturally that is far from true. And that is okay. Moreover, avoid attacking the other people´s beliefs or sense of self-worth. It is okay to challenge each other however, and that leads to development, not destruction. Finally, remember that part of you is in everyone and part of everyone is in

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    May 03, 2021

    Focus On The Good

    Life has its ups and downs. If you focus on the positive side of life, you get even more positive experiences and things. However, it is important to acknowledge the negative aspects of life too, and do not ignore them because it does not help. Consequently, what helps is to put your attention on the good things in life. Choose wisely and be careful what you think about: good or bad. The choice is yours. Always.

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    Apr 30, 2021

    The Original You

    Many of us tend to suppress our uniqueness in order to fit in and not bejudged. The world needs more original people to lead and make a change. Not only in their own lives, but also in thelives of others. The key is to follow your own dream and avoiding what others plan and want for you. Embrace your originality and uniqueness.

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    Apr 28, 2021

    Remember that... is short and fragile. Even if you are strong, healthy and wealthy, it will end sooner or later. Maybe tomorrow or in a week or fifty years. The fact is that you will leave this Mother Earth School one day. Therefore live with purpose, honesty and love. Have fun while you are still here!

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    Apr 26, 2021

    A Rule of Life

    Sometimes in life things are not going the way we want them to, because life has its own way of going. As a general rule of life, most things do fall apart much easier than building, creating and sustaining things. When things fall apart, then it is time to move on and create something new. The law of existence is based on actions and consequences. Nothing personal, so be adaptable and grateful when things do go your way. Be in the flow.

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    Apr 20, 2021

    Your Body

    Listen more often to your body. It knows its needs more than your ego does. You can do incredible things with your body in different ages, but you pay a price every time you go too far. Your body is a highly efficient machine/system which runs basically on its own. It will tell you when you need to eat or sleep or move etc. At the moment, while you are reading this, your body is taking care of your physical well-being that you are not even aware of. Just keep an eye on your body so it runs smoothly.

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    Apr 16, 2021

    Being Stubborn

    As a leader flexibility and being stubborn are good qualities at times. Generally stubbornness is viewed upon as something negative, but as a matter of fact it is one of the traits that are essential in leadership since it signals conviction and dedication in whatever you pursue. At the end of the day, what matters is why you are being stubborn.

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    Apr 15, 2021

    Lifelong Learning

    In today´s information society, it is more important than ever to reflect about what you actually take in and learn from it. You need time to support your learning process. Like other things in life, it is a matter of harmony between consumption and digestion. Never stop learning, but remember that what you learn about yourself is more valuable than anything else you learn.

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    Apr 12, 2021

    To Tolerate

    What is reality? It is unknown not only for you but even modern science cannot solve the mystery and true nature of our reality. Since we are part of it, and can not separate ourselves from it, our unanswerable questions will eventually force us to use our intuition. For this reason it is important to tolerate everybody´s unique perception of reality and the unknown.

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    Apr 09, 2021

    Yourself First

    Fix yourself first. In doing so, you encourage others too. It gives you the credibility but it does not mean that you need to be totally fixed (who is ever anyway?), just at least started. This is not about competing with and defeating others. It is about being and building a better version of yourself. You cannot give to others what you do not have yourself first.

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    Apr 06, 2021


    When you are willing to stay where you are and wait for something to be manifest, it means you have patience. Friendship and marriage are two examples of relationships where patience is a virtue. You do not want to be quick in your judgement because you do not have the whole picture at the moment. You only have part of it. You might realize that there is something about you that needs a change. Focus on the good parts of the situation and be patient.

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    Mar 31, 2021

    Sleep Well

    It is unnatural to fight against or treating sleep like it is a problem. We sleep and are supposed to sleep one third of our lives which is a big part of life. Our physical health improves while we sleep. It also helps prevent depression and Post traumatic stress disorder. A lot of learning takes place while sleeping and the brain processes our awake experiences too. That is why sleeping is so vital and important. Do no fight against it. And sleep well!

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    Mar 29, 2021

    Fresh Start

    What is special about this very day? Well, the answer is everything. Every single day is brand new and provides a brand new opportunity for new thoughts and decisions. Perhaps yesterday was not your best day, but that is fine as long as you breathe today´s new wisdom. In that way all days are a great new start for gaining the knowledge and wisdom that life is giving you. Inhale it and grow.

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    Mar 24, 2021

    Accumulated knowledge

    When you read books widely what you actually do is taking part of the accumulated knowledge of others. They also have been where you are, done what you do and found what you are looking for and going to find. So the great thing about learning from others is that their experience becomes yours too. Never give up learning from everyone and everything around you. Good or bad. There is always a lesson hidden for you to find and accumulate. Be open-minded enough to receive the lessons.

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    Mar 22, 2021


    The foundation for your financial security should be based on and leading to freedom, not accumulating more stuff in your life. Real wealth and prosperity start in your head before it shows in your hand. Work hard towards your financial security, but do not be obsessed with money. Life is too short to focus on money. Do what is important and meaningful for you and what suits you, not because it is a high paying opportunity you found yourself lucky enough to come across. Have fun and be thankful while doing whatever you do.

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    Mar 18, 2021


    Leaders come in all shapes and forms, but not all leaders are great teachers. When you follow a leader or anybody for that matter, sooner or later you will find that it is time for you to move on. A good leader teaches you how to leave them when the time is right, so you can be your own leader. You yourself should be the leader that you would like to follow.

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    Mar 16, 2021

    Your Best Idea

    There are some principles that many successful people follow regarding generating ideas and which ones to stick to. You should experiment with the ideas that are most promising and commit to the ones that work best for you. And you should spend more time and energy on those ideas rather than chasing something new. These principles are valid for investing, business, relationships and so many other things in life. No need to re-invent the wheel.

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    Mar 15, 2021

    Two Activities

    Average people do not do enough of these two very beneficial activities: reading and thinking. Thinking is an activity which sometimes includes non-thinking. It is also a kind of contemplation which provides true insights. Concerning reading it will not do you much good unless your reading is broad. The more widely you read, the higher chance you will get of reading the right things and spot the wrong things.

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    Mar 12, 2021


    Negative news spread faster and most effectively than any other news in our world. If you get constant exposure to negative news, you will get a false impression that those news represent your reality. You should know that there is also good and positive news out there. Put your attention on the positive side of the interpretation of the news. You are where your attention is.

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    Mar 10, 2021

    Less is More

    In our society it is common to want more of everything and to believe that more is better. However, real peace of mind comes from the opposite of more: less. In other words, to accumulate and posses more is not a solution to our problems. Learning to appreciate that less is more is the way to go.

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    Mar 08, 2021

    The Best

    We have all been accustomed to the idea of striving for the best and that being the best is a great thing. But is it even obtainable? Well, you have to have passion for it and work constantly for a long period of time. You should be smart about time management and opportunities. You also need some natural ability and sometimes luck too. " Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere." (Anton Ego from Ratatouille)

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    Mar 05, 2021

    Be Unsuccessful

    Stop learning new things. Be over-confident and believe that you are the King of freaking everything all the time. Have a negative attitude towards everything and everybody in your surrounding. Be impulsive. Let your emotions take over. Definitely be unreliable and think only about yourself in every given situation. Most importantly, do not choose your friends wisely. Last but not the least, always try to fit in. If you follow these suggestions, you will make perfect foolish decisions in life which will cost you a lot of money and lead to trouble with people and the law.

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    Mar 04, 2021


    Nowadays many of us are sold into the idea of being constantly busy is the ideal in life. Workaholics are admired and we consider inactive people lazy. We believe that being busy all the time or socializing or updating ourselves on the news is valuable and the right thing to do. However, our biggest problems do not come from being inactive, but from too much energy consuming and useless activity. We have to realize the importance of the balance between action and inaction.

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    Mar 03, 2021


    When you are faced with an important decision making in life, do not do it based on only emotions. Although emotions are an important component, it is wiser to not be guided by emotions alone. For example if you are ill, you would not want a doctor who cries all the time, nor one who does not show empathy at all.

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    Mar 02, 2021

    Status Quo or not?

    Supporting the status quo is not always the right thing to do. Neither is supporting change just for the sake of it. That would be stupid. There needs to be a balance between the two, and you need to figure out when and why to be in favor of the status quo or not. It requires some effort in any case, so try to be true to your own judgement.

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    Mar 01, 2021

    Monkey Business

    For most of us the biggest obstacle to overcome is the fear of what others think of us. Even if you wanted to fit in with a bunch of mediocre people, sooner or later you would find out that it was a waste of your time. Try always to rise above that. You are much more flexible in your life if you are "in the world, but not of the world". The world is full of monkey business. Stay out of

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    Feb 26, 2021


    When there is a loss in your life there is also a deep disappointment and hurt is involved. But if you are mentally and spiritually prepared for it, you will not be devastated when it takes place. Treat every positive and simple thing in life as a bonus because you cannot prevent all losses or death. Things can always get worse, so prepare yourself by finding those little things to be thankful and happy for.

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    Feb 25, 2021


    When you think that you are on an important mission, sometimes it is just ambition hiding itself as a calling. Pay attention and make wise decisions. Let go and do not take unnecessary risks. Ambition can be tricky sometimes. Do not try to climb every mountain in your way in the name of ambition. The obstacles are there to prevent you from getting on to the wrong path. Trust your inner voice.

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    Feb 24, 2021


    Choices are part of life. Some choices that we have to make are small and simple, others are big or difficult to make. As a guideline, if a choice makes you feel anxious or worried, listen to your inner voice and strive for peace. If you feel fear and anxiety, trust your emotions rather than ambitions when it comes to choosing.

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    Feb 23, 2021

    Reflection on Education

    The purpose of education is to share some basic truths so that we have a common point of departure as humans. Education does not provide all truths about everything. It is a useful tool in combination with personal reflection. Educate yourself when necessary and be open-minded.

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    Feb 22, 2021

    Back On Track

    Seek silence when you find yourself lost. Silence is an act of letting go and key to everything. Let go of fear, greed and the unwanted mental chatter. Let go of figuring out everything by yourself. The answers you are looking for will come when you trust the power of silence.

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    Feb 20, 2021

    The Process

    Most of the time we imagine ourselves happier if we have goals and accomplish them. What happens if we are wrong about our goals? However, if we focus on day-to-day routines and being "in the moment" while we are doing them it will often lead to great results anyway because life is a process. When we are in tune with the process, we feel productive and happy. Regardless of our goals.

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    Feb 19, 2021

    Your Spirit

    When you are quiet in your mind you become aware of your spirit which is vibrant, awake and serene without words. Your mind chatter comes from your desires, not from your spirit. Quiet your inner dialogue so you can get in touch with your spirit. Your spirit is beyond words and desires. Your spirit is peace and one with everything.

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    Feb 18, 2021

    Finding Your Way

    If you want extraordinary results, you cannot do ordinary things that average people do. The fact that "everyone" is copying each other does not mean it is right for you. Everyday people never think for themselves before doing anything. Therefore they get average results. Go for the best, you get the best. Find your unique way.

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    Feb 17, 2021


    Sometimes life does not go the way we want it to go. It is a reminder to let go and change the narrow view of the world. Then you will find a greater sense of purpose. We cannot always measure our lives based on whether our desires are satisfied or not. There will always be surprises. Sometimes terrible ones. The meaning of life transcends

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    Feb 16, 2021

    Do Better

    Everybody needs to live a life which we are proud of. Find stability and harmony within so that you will not become an easy target for the empty promises of smart marketers. Live a life that is about doing good in the world, rather than the world doing good for you. The world needs more honest, mature and compassionate people. Doing better requires being better.

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    Feb 15, 2021

    Be Happy

    Do not ignore the abundance around you that we all share. Happiness is not a destination and it does not require you to have anything. You are either happy or unhappy, and that is based on your perception. Nobody is perfect. Not you either. But you can be better and more happy by focusing and seeing the abundance around you. In any given situation in life you have a choice. Be thankful and happy for your free will.

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    Feb 13, 2021

    The Enemy in Me

    Fear brings the negative thoughts into existence. They are the root of disharmony and helplessness. The negative thoughts will convince you that they exist and have power over you. Disarm this enemy (negative thoughts) by marginalizing them. Positive and negative thoughts cannot co-exist at the same time. You are what you think about all day long. What you think about expands. Think positive.

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    Feb 12, 2021

    Priceless Time

    You would easily trade everything you ever owned if you were ill and dying to gain more time and keep living. But look how much time all of us waste accumulating possessions... How many years of our lives and health we trade away for things we would happily give up for more time. Just think about it. Your time is priceless.

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    Feb 11, 2021

    The You Beyond

    Quiet the mind. Let go of thoughts that catch your attention. Be aware of your being and put aside the gamesmanship of your mind. Let everything and everybody be. Clear your mind. In other words, find the real you beyond all the drama and action in your surroundings. Your inner and true identity is beneath your mask which is your persona. The real you is stillness, joy, peace and fearlessness. That is the you

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    Feb 10, 2021


    Seek to do new things that interest you, that are important to you and which bring out the best in you. All these things take time and they will add value to your life. Consequently this makes you a better person for yourself and for those around you. In the end, your value is based on who you are and not what you have.

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    Feb 09, 2021

    Reality Check

    Sometimes our perception of the world does not match the reality we live in. Do not panic when it happens. Just adjust and expand your way of thinking. You cannot always get what you set your mind and effort to achieve. Simply impossible when circumstances block you no matter how hard you try. The main idea though is that you do not give up doing something which is important to you because it is difficult. There is always a time for sowing and a time for

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    Feb 08, 2021


    Being a positive force in the lives of people around you is a choice. Bear in mind helping those who are willing to help themselves first. Being willing to change yourself is a foundation for changing your world. And all that starts with a choice you make at a certain point in your life. You will not be perfect, but you get better by time. Aim for the stars, and if you miss, you are still in the sky.

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    Feb 06, 2021


    Regardless of how reasonable your argument is in any given situation, if someone wants to believe something it is always impossible and wasting time and energy to change their mind. Do not fight against anything or anyone. Be in the flow. You always get a chance to influence open-minded people who have respect for themselves and you.

    Continue reading "Influencing"

    Feb 05, 2021

    Life is Learning

    Your life experience, surroundings and what you stand for come from what is important to you. You may share your perception and your thoughts with people in your life. They will either like you, fear you or get upset. That should not prevent you from being in harmony with your conviction. Be always flexible when new information appears. Be a giver anyway.

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    Feb 04, 2021

    Your Habits

    Almost everything we do on a daily basis is automatic and habitual. All of us have both good and bad habits. Sometimes we are not fully aware of them, but take some time to find the habits that are beneficial for you and in balance with your surroundings. Keep doing them on a daily

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    Feb 03, 2021


    In modern society being rational is considered a great thing. Still, all of us are irrational sometimes and when many people are irrational at the same time together leads to extreme group behavior. Rationality tempered by empathy and compassion is desirable. The opposite causes extreme negative behavior. Extreme rationality too is

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