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What are affirmations and why do people use them? Nearly all of us have an ongoing inner dialogue that chatters, interrupts, criticizes and sabotages for ourselves. We make an effort to "be positive" or "stay focused", but then a vicious little voice shows up from "nowhere" telling you that there´s no point, that you cannot do it, that you don´t deserve it or any other negative statement that undermines your intentions.

Most of us have had experiences like that. And in retrospect we always wonder why on earth we said that or did that, when we knew that it worked against us, not for us. That is usually your ego fighting for survival.

Here´s your beginners´ guide! Quick and simple.

If you stopped listening to that ego, and paid attention to your higher self, ego would have to dissolve. And it does not want to die. It feeds on your fear, so it feeds you more and more fear too.

One way of cheating your ego is to feed strong, positive and simple messages to your subconscious mind. On this page and all the pages linking from this, you will be given a great deal of examples of affirmations; for prosperity, motivational, giving up smoking, for happiness, school work, success, health, for weight loss and many more.

This page is "the theory" behind it all and the links are the specific examples. Here is also where you find examples that our readers have provided. Very inspiring!

So what are affirmations?

One meaning of the word "affirm" is "to confirm the truth in a statement".

The trick is to confirm what you really want to be, what you really want to happen, what you really would like to achieve.

And you say it to yourself on a daily basis at least twice a day.
Choose one of the daily affirmations here!

In addition:

1. Affirmations must be stated in the positive.

Example: I deserve a fulfilling life. (Rather than the negative: "I don´t want this kind of life anymore.")

2. They must be stated in the present tense. As if they were happening here and now already.

Example: I live the life of my dreams. (Rather than the vague: "I would like to improve my life.")

They should not be phrased in the future tense like "I will buy a LEXUS RX 400h next year". Instead phrase it as if you are already the owner of your dream car and driving it:

Example: I am now the happy owner of a brand new LEXUS RX 400h and I drive it with pride and gratitude.

3. These statements should be pronounced with conviction and preferably pronounced out loudly so you actually hear them simultaneously. They more senses involved the better.

4. Therefore, if you see a picture of your desired outcome at the same time that you read and say the affirmation, it will reinforce the message to your subconscious even more.

5. Keep them short and simple. Otherwise there is a risk that the energy and intention will get diluted in a mess of words and theory. Your statement should be crystal clear and carry the emotional message along easily.

There are scientific reasons behind these requirements. Research show that the subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between truth and fiction. It makes no such distinctions. So when you tell your subconscious something (good or bad or whatever), it interprets it as true!

Consequently, if you tell yourself all the time that you are a looser, your subconscious mind acts upon that "truth". If, on the other hand, you tell yourself "I am a winner", your subconscious really does believe that too, and acts upon that command instead! The idea is to motivate yourself for success (whatever success means to you.) Go here for lots of great inspiration and motivation for different purposes.

So what you need to do is replace the negative thought patterns with positive ones. You replace the weakening patterns with empowering ones. And the destructive ones with constructive ones.

Interested in a health leader's effective List of Affirmations and Law of Attraction techniques? You will enjoy this award winning author's powerful strategies at List of Affirmations and Law of Attraction Techniques. Gisele is Masters educated positive change leader, the author of Help! Healthy Thinking in Times of Trouble, radio show host of Visionary Radio on VoiceAmerica, and creator of Positive Relaxation 101, a powerful meditation audio tool.

Additional points of consideration:

I recently heard Eckhart Tolle speaking about affirmative statements and that expanded my horizon a bit. He pointed out that this tool can be used as a kind of mental sign posting. If you compare to driving there might be a need for following the signs if you´re going somewhere for the first time and really need directions on how to get there. But once you have reached your destination, there is no need for further signposting.

Similarly, once you ARE happy to be alive, there is no need to reinforce it by affirming "I am happy to be alive!". You just are without effort.

And once you have reached your goal of financial freedom, you do not need to tell yourself "I am wealthy" anymore.

In conclusion, affirmations make most sense when used during a transitional period only.

Last but not the least: Some of us feel uncomfortable. Like lying to ourselves. Why?

Most of us feel a slight (or massive!) resistance to these positive statements and mental messages initially. Relax! And remind yourself that the resistance comes from your ego fighting for its survival. And your purpose is to give nourishment to your higher self and starve ego.

At the same time, only use statements that you are comfortable with, meaning the ones that are YOURS and convey your desires.

While its purpose is to expand your comfort zones and grow personally, only use affirmations that feel supportive and positive to you.

"If you can dream it, you can do it."

(Walt Disney)

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