Affirmations for weight loss;

losing weight through re-programming your mind

In what ways could affirmations for weight loss be useful? Let´s make it simple (affirmations are simple, yet powerful!): Many people want to lose weight. Many people need to lose weight. Many people have to lose weight, because if they are too overweight, they have no control over their lives. It is the food that controls them. YOU need to take control! And it starts inside your own head.

There is positive energy in affirmations. Just read the sample affirmations below. They do not contain guilt, self pity or negative expectations. They declare what you want as if it was already a reality. And your mind will listen to the positive messages and act accordingly.

Examples of affirmations for weight loss

I accept myself completely.

I accept my body completely.

I enjoy eating the food that keeps me healthy, strong and slender.

I love eating food that is good for me.

I now only eat the things that are good for me.

Keeping my ideal weight is easy.

Keeping my ideal weight is fun.

I feel great now that I am so physically attractive.

I am kind to my body and my body is kind to me.

I feel energized now that I keep my ideal weight.

I am beautiful and healthy.

Overweight and obesity is a huge problem globally. People tend to eat more and more of exactly the things that are bad for them. We are not designed to eat refined "foods" from "food" industries. Many of us overeat, take no exercise, smoke and sit by a desk all day long. We are digging our own graves through life styles that could be great if we made better and healthier choices.

No wonder that most people find losing weight a hard struggle and jump from diet to diet in the hope of finding a miracle diet that allows them to still eat whatever junk and unhealthy stuff they like. And somehow lose weight. It is simply unrealistic. And unhealthy.

We need to have a holistic view on our life styles, and this page offers is one piece in that holistic jig-saw puzzle called life.

I do not believe in weight loss diets at all. I believe in balanced eating habits, exercise, positive thinking and affirmations. I have noticed that many people have been greatly helped by using affirmations for weight loss. Let me point out that the affirmations alone might not do the work if you are heavily overweight. However, using affirmations for weight loss is a great way of supporting your intentions.

Affirmations re-program your mind from a negative cassette that play in your head to a positive one that inspire you, lift you up and pull you through tough times. Affirmations for weight loss is like shifting from a radio station that disturbed you and you did not really like at all (but you kept it on anyway!) to CHOOSING the radio station that pleases you, gives you good vibrations and entertain your personality. We are all different, so why on earth should you tune into somebody else´s frequency of preference?!

The reason I like affirmations is that they re-program your subconcsious mind subtly, yet powerfully. You take control over your thoughts. You gain personal power from being in charge of things, not being a constant victim of circumstances.

Many overweight people feel that they are victims, that they have "tried everything" and they do not really have faith and hope in ever getting healthier or slimmer (normal weight, not unhealthily skinny). Most of us get high doses of media brain wash on a daily basis, whether we are aware of it or not: TV, commercials, radio, the news etc. We can switch off some of it, but we need to feed ourselves with positive messages instead.

Affirmations are one tools to use and that is why I am convinced that affirmations for weight loss really do assist a person who has make up her or his mind about losing weight. We need that inner strength to resist all the negative input from outer sources! Create your own reality, your own truths and your own destiny.

Affirmations for weight loss are for responsible people who realize that affirmations are a part of a bigger context. They are one component in a healthy weight loss plan that consists of healthy food in the right proportions, exercise and mental training. As one part of mental training, affirmations for weight loss will definitely help you reach your ideal weight. And keep it.

In conclusion, don´t feed yourself with unhealthy stuff - feed yourself with affirmations for weight loss and take control.

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