Daily Affirmations

Whatever you like to create in life starts with a thought. Daily affirmations is a tool for programming your subconscious mind to act on your desires, to manifest your wishes and to replace the negative inner dialogue with positive and constructive patterns. To get you started, welcome to use these free daily affirmations. Gradually, you will most likely create your own. Welcome to refer to this "101 affirmations" for theory and examples.


I totally love and accept myself.

I am perfectly healthy and full of energy.

I love my body and my body is good to me.

I am grateful for my perfect health.

Every day I increase my energy level more and more.

I enjoy taking responsibility for my vitality.


I always choose to think positively in all ways in all situations.

I deserve happiness.

I am now happy and fulfilled.

I enjoy life to its fullest.

I increase my level of happiness every single day.

I always find new ways of spreading joy and happiness in the world.

My happiness brings joy into other people´s lives too.

I enjoy taking responsibility for my happiness.


The Universe is total abundance.

There is plenty to go around.

I deserve to be prosperous and happy, I am now prosperous and happy.

The more I prosper, the more I give to others.

Financial freedom is coming to me effortlessly.

I am growing more prosperous every moment.

My monthly income is now $_____________________.

I am happy and grateful.

I enjoy taking responsibility for my wealth.


I deserve success.

Universe wants me to be successful.

Being successful is my birthright.

Every day I am getting better and better.

The more success I create, the more I give to others.

Time Management

I now manage my time perfectly.

I am productive and proactive with my time.

I am always punctual.

I am always on time for my appointments.

I have enough time.

The better I manage my time, the more I enjoy life.

I am 100% responsible for my time.

I enjoy taking full responsibility for the usage of my time.


I am 100% responsible for EVERYTHING in my life.

I enjoy taking responsibility for my life.

I am the creator of my destiny.


I love and appreciate myself exactly the way I am.

I love to love.

I love to be loved.

I deserve to be loved.

My love for __________________ is growing stronger every day.

The more I appreciate myself, the more I appreciate ___________.

I love ____________ unconditionally, and ____________ loves me unconditionally.

Make sure you actually use these or other daily affirmations. Consistency will reprogram your mind in more powerful ways than you could ever imagine!

You are more than welcome to contact us and share YOUR favorite affirmations!

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