Happiness Affirmations

Create your own happiness, joy and success

Using happiness affirmations is a great way of re-programing your mind into a more joyous, happy and satisfied state. Even if your life is up-side-down and you feel too down to think positively, you need to force yourself into a happier thought pattern.

That is why happiness affirmations are great. It is very hard to feel, look and act in a depressed and unhappy way when you tell yourself uplifting things! You have to cheat your subconscious mind! You need to program yourself with positive messages regularly.

Here are some examples of happiness affirmations

I choose to be happy at the start of each day.

I am excited about the new day and look forward to it with positive expectations.

Every day and in every way I am getting happier and happier.

My happiness makes other people happy too.

My happiness is reflecting my inner joy.

Happiness is my natural way of being.

I deserve happiness.

Happiness is my birth right.

I am happy and grateful for everything I am, everything I do and everything I have.

I am open to giving and recieving happiness.

I choose to think positive and happy thoughts all day long.

I am a happiness magnet.

Everything I do results in happiness for me and those around me.

I am happy.

My happy thoughts bring happy results.

I laugh every day and it makes me happy.

I focus on thoughts and things that make me happy.

I surround myself with happy people.

I attract happy people and circumstances into my life.

All is well and I am happy.

I am willing to be happy.

"Happiness never decreases by being shared."


And why are happiness affirmations useful? Here´s why!

Your subconscious mind will act upon what you tell it. Remember that "You become what you think about." (Earl Nightingale) You create your reality in your mind. If it is full of negative expectations, you will attract negativity. Most of us want to attract positive results, but are unaware of the power of positive thinking and how we program ourselves on a daily basis, every single moment.

It is a fact that affirmations work like a mantra or a prayer. It is all about belief. If we believe we will die from an illness, our bodies will not respond well to treatment, whereas people who have faith in healing, health and their own role in their life, will in fact have a much higher chance of getting well.

Affirmations work like the famous placebo effect; a sugar pill can have a medical effect on a patient if he or she has positive expectations, faith and a strong will to get better. That is the power of thoughts and their effects on our physical bodies. We all have healing powers within ourselves and affirmations work like a message to our subconscious mind to manifest in the physical world.

Similarly, you create your destiny by the thoughts you create. Therefore it is a powerful practice to pronounce some happiness affirmations before getting out of bed in the morning. If you do, you create a positive atmosphere around you and you have positive expectations for your day ahead. As I sometimes say, there is a big difference between "Good God, morning..." and "Good morning, God!" Pick your words carefully. They do have a huge effect on your life...

I hope you find these happiness affirmations useful. Pick the ones that suit you and your personality, or better still, create some of your own. The link at the bottom takes you to the main affirmations page, with theory and lots of examples of affirmations. I wish you joy, health and happiness.

"Smile does not have any value until you give it to somebody."

(Dale Carnegie)

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