101 Affirmations

An introduction to self-empowerment and positive thinking by the use of affirmative statements

On this page you will find an introduction to affirmations, a "101 affirmations guide", which points you in the right direction. So if you are new to affirmations, you will find the basics here.

What are affirmations?

Affirmations are positive statements which express exactly what you want, wish for or dream of.

They are often short, strong and uncomplicated. Their message is conveyed in the present tense, meaning they are written and pronounced as if they were already true and existing.

Furthermore, you say them using "I" (first person), meaning that you talk about your own wishes and desires. The point is that you speak to your subconscious mind, not to someone else.

A simple example:

"I am full of energy".

Consequently you do not say "It would be great to be full of energy" or "I wish I wasn´t tired all the time". You must use the I-form, present tense and phrase it in positive words.

Do not use "not", "never" or similar negative words. Find a way of expressing your affirmation in positive terms.

And most importantly; it should be phrased as if it was already true. All this is basic 101 affirmations information. Very elementary and what you need to get started.

Therefore your subconscious mind finds this too complicated:

"Hopefully I will feel great one day". It is too vague.

Affirmations speak directly to your mind and using them is a way of self-empowerment and learning positive thinking.


Why do I need affirmations?

The most elementary 101 affirmations information is that you use the positive, affirmative statements to program your mind. It combats low self-esteem, bad habits or negative thoughts.

Most of us are surrounded by negative chatter on a daily basis. Media bombard us with scary news, many conversations are nothing but a pity-party with complaints and gossip.

Additionally, many people have an ongoing inner voice which goes against their own interests. The inner dialouge tries to combat your positive thinking.

Perhaps you have noticed sometimes that when you feel great about something, your thoughts go in the opposite direction. Why? It is the negative side of your ego that tries to bring you down. Affirmations can stop that process. They train your mind to hold a positive thought, to meet negativity with positivity.

How often do I use them?

Affirmations should be used on a daily and regular basis.
It is a good idea to stick to a routine and say them at least twice daily. Why not do it after you have brushed your teeth? It only takes a few moments of concentration.

Studies have shown that affirmations are most powerful when you say them out loudly to yourself. So look at yourself in the mirror and use any affirmation that suit your needs.

Also using many senses simultanously is more powerful. Consequently, you can record them, watch them, listen to them and say them out loudly for a better effect.

How powerful are affirmations?

Using affirmations is a very powerful personal development tool indeed. The reason is that your subconscious mind cannot make a distinction between true or false. It just follows what you tell it, what you feed it.

As a result, you can program and re-program your mind according to your own true beliefs. If you want to create a change of any kind, take advantage of the 101 affirmations advice and examples to fuel your mind with positive statements that support you.

Can I create my own affirmations?

Naturally you can create your own affirmations. If you feel uncomfortable to start with, you can use some suitable 101 affirmations from this site (check out the links below for various purposes).

Gradually, you will probably adjust the affirmations to fit your exact needs. If you want to succeed in an exam for instance, you can repeat an affirmation that fits your subject and situation. Here  are some examples:

"I am an excellent student."
"I enjoy preparing for my Maths exam."
"I am confident and relaxed."


Are there any disadvantages or risks?

No. Using affirmations is a risk free method with no disadvantages. The only risk you take is that the affirmations will work and manifest what you desire!

Will I find 101 affirmations here?

On this page we outline the principles for the use of affirmations. It is an introduction, an ABC for beginners or a step by step guide. That is why we use the term "101 affirmations".

However, it is a really great idea to provide examples of 101 affirmations too. For the time being though, you will find a great deal of such examples for various purposes on the other affirmations pages on this site:

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As always, please feel free to send us your favorite affirmation. We will publish it on the page for examples of affirmations! We never publish your name, only your favorite affirmation.

Also feel absolutely free to share your success stories. Remember that "you become what you think about, all day long!"


"Be here now."
(Ram Dass)


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