Public speaking success

Tips and advice for better speaches in public

A large number of people find public speaking success impossible and fear it more than death!  Accordingly, if you succeed in speaking publically, you have overcome a major obstacle in life. And you will survive.

Sooner or later most of us will have to speak in public; at school,at work, at a wedding or funeral, at a party or countless other occations.

How do you succeed with public speaking then? Thankfully, there are lots of tips and advice that you can practice and apply so that your next speach will be a great success! 

The perfect speach is:

Relaxed, confident, informative, persuasive, compelling, effective, entertaining... the list of the ideal public speaker is long. No wonder a majority of people block themselves before even trying to attain public speaking success whenever neccessary.

One of the main things to deal with is perfectionism. Although it is great to strive for a good result, it is unwise to set unrealistic goals for your first public speach. The risk is that you have a mental block before you even begin preparing.

Most of the tips on this page are directed at the nervous or unexperienced speaker, some advice to attain public speaking success with simple methods.

Therefore, keep it realistic, simple and basic the first couple of speaches until you feel more confident. Gradually you will build up your confidence. And when that happens, you can expand and experiment more and more.

Basic beginners´tips for public speaking success:

The really basic formula for a successful speach is simple. You need to prepare three parts of your actual speach:


Main content


Let´s expand a little on each section:

1. The introduction should briefly introduce your topic. Adapt your introduction according to the length of the speach or the allotted time.

A good speach has an interesting introduction, something that catches the attention of your audience. The introduction should ideally hook your listener up and make them  want to listen.

2. In the main body section of your speach you talk about your actual topic.

There are various ways of organizing the content here, but here are some suggestions:

  • Chronologically
  • Logically
  • From the most important to the least important etc.

3. The final part is the conclusion. Here you wrap up your speach and summarize what you have talk about.

A great speach ends with something for the audience to think about or remember.

Never leave your listener in doubt, never end your speach vaguely. Make certain that the conclusion and final words wrap it up and really bring the speach to an end.

To sum up, if you only plan, outline and prepare for the three main parts introduction, main content and an effective conclusion, you are more than half-way to your public speaking success already!

The rest is details that you will refine as you go along.

1. Know you subject well and present it interestingly.

2. Prepare and structure your material.

3. Practice at home. Time your speach.

4. Keep an eye contact with your audience.

5. Speak clearly and loudly enough.

6. Be personal, not a robot.

7. Use correct language, adapt to the situation.

8. Think about appearance too. This includes body language.

9. Engage your audience.

10. Finish in style!

In conclusion, public speaking success is about practice! Speaking is a skill, just like driving a car. You learn it by doing it. The more you do it, the better you become.

Good luck on your path to successful public speaking! 


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