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One of the main topics of this personal development site is strategies for success. When we look for self improvement tools we often overlook the fact that it is possible to actually plan for personal success.

All successful people are aware of the fact that it takes work and effort to create success. You too need to define your strategies for personal success. It will not come to you just like that without some kind of plan or goal. At the very least you need to know what kind of success you want to achieve. 

We have discussed the definition of success on the various success pages of this site, and here is a quick recap:

  • Finanicial success
  • Emotional success
  • Physical success
  • Social success

Financial freedom is probably one of the most common definitions of success: "I want to be financially independent". At least a lot of our thoghts about success circle around money, such as salary, savings, expenses, retirement, insurance and so on.

It is very straightforward to make a financial strategy for success. You deal with numbers, facts and material matters. My theory for the next few points is to use a similar kind of strategy as you plan any kind of success.

1. Define your success.
Before setting goals and strategize for your success, you need to define what kind of success you want to develop. And do not be vague. Check out the goals´section of this site. You will find great tips for goal setting and how to acieve your dreams.

But first you need to define success and realize that your dream might be entirely different to somebody else.

Define and write down the "obvious" because it is not at all obvious to your subconscious mind. But it will listen to what you tell it, how you intruct it. Be clear! Clarity and simplicity are always a good starting point of your personal strategies for success.

2. Be independent.
Only the dead fish follow the stream. Are you a dead fish floating around, or have you realized that this is your life and YOLO (You Only Live Once)?

If you want to follow your dream you can do it. But do not wait for somebody else to tell you it is OK. Often people around you will deliberately or unintentionally try to thwart your interests. The reason is the power of habit, comfort zone and fear.  

3. Get out of your comfort zone.
Dead fish or a soaring eagle? You need to be brave and keep on moving in the direction of your dreams. Change is hard and scary, but very rewarding and exciting.

4. Yes you can!
Taking action is sometimes the hardest part when it comes to change. But a simple strategy for success is to do it, to take action. It is too easy and comfortable to think about your dreams, talk about what you could do if only... If only what? Do not wait. Do not procrastinate. Do not wait for a better opportunity. Create your best opportunity yourself.

5. Never a failure, always a lesson.
That´s right. Do not be intimidated by past experiences. What is the opposite of success? Is it really failure? On this site we have expanded on that question and concluded that "Failure is an event, not a person" (Zig Ziglar).

We need to fall and get up again. We need to constantly develop personally on a spiritual, emotional, physical and social level. Forget perfectionism! It is just a way of blocking yourself and cementing fear.

6. Stick to it.
Sticking to your plan doesn´t mean stick to the same method if it doesn´t work. One of the best strategies for success is being adaptable and changable. Listen to and interpret all kinds of signals. Take action accordingly.

In other words, be flexible and wise.

Be brave enough to say no when something feels wrong.

Be strong enough to be different from the crowd.

Be yourself. Nobody else can be you. You are the expert of being... you!

I hope that you have found these strategies for success in life useful.


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