Personal Development Online - A Contradiction?

Personal development online? Have you heard about or seen that phrase before? Perhaps thought that it sounds like a contradiction? The word "personal" with the impersonal "online". Is it really possible to get good quality self growth training on line? With in depth methods and superb results? Absolutely.

I have devoted so much time in my adult life to personal growth that it has become a life style. I have read books, attended seminars, listened to CDs and I have even taught others too. It is so easy to fall into the pattern of just thinking that you are great and successful,however.

It is not really a big deal to sit around doing daily affirmations and passively hope that your life will transform. That way nothing changes deep inside of you. It is just knowledge, and knowledge without the application of it is quite meaningless. Really. It is like fooling yourself that you are successful.

Naturally, I have come across various online personal develpment programs through the years, but it was often a matter of just gathering even more information. And we do have plenty of information around, no doubt about it.

When I came across the online personal development program I am in now however, something did in fact change. Suddenly I had to take ACTION. I had to apply the knowledge to something concrete, like a business. That is pretty measurable, not just a hope or a dream.

What my online self development program has helped me with is to start with a dream and then from day one take action. It is a matter of constant learning. Study-practice-teach. As I become stronger in all areas through self growth, I am in a better position to help others too. I provide free information about personal development online, because there is a demand for it.

What is the use of collecting recipes if you never cook? What is the use of reading about bringing up children if you do not follow the advice, and leave your kids in the mess? What is the use of personal development online? In short, that you directly APPLY the knowledge and create results in all areas in life. In real life.

All in all, there is no contradiction in the term "personal development online". On the contrary, anyone who is committed enough can achieve outstanding results online and off line through the tools given with online personal development training.

Be remarkable and let remarkable things happen in your life.

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