Do You Pass the Personal Development Tests?

Words are funny sometimes. Take the phrase "personal development tests" and see what you associate to it. Is it a list of questions about your so called personal development;

  • Do you meditate daily?
  • Have you got your goals set for this year?
  • Do you keep a personal development journal? etc...

    Or do you think of personal development tests in terms of actually testing somebody else´s development and abilities?
    If so, you are probably relating it to colleges and schools and their obsession with measuring and evaluating every ability.

    As owners of this personal development website, we have received inquires about personal development tests from various groups and institutions.
    Some have asked if we could provide one for kids, others have asked for tests like this for college students and some for business purposes. There seems to be a great demand for a product like this!

    Although we are flattered by these requests and appreciate all suggestions and ideas, for the time being we will not provide any multiple choice test on this topic.

    And that is for a number of reasons. If we ask "Do we pass a test like that if there was one and we had to take it ourselves?" All evidence points in the direction of "Yes". But beware! That is just Ego speaking.

    It is Ego wanting to show off that we really do apply all of the things that this personal development website describes. We share everything from personal experience, and our experience spans over 25+ years. We are proud and Ego loves it! But the nourishment that we give to our higher selves can not be measured. And that is what really counts.

    Consequently, the answer to the question in the headline would have to be "No!" Personal development is a life long process. The day we stop developing, we are dead. There is never a definite point of arrival. You set goals and reach them, but then you set new goals. It is a constant process and the aim is to become a little bit more compassionate, caring, grateful, loving, richer, more experienced and a better person every day. At the same time, we appreciate our life right now just the way it is. We are grateful for what we are and have and also for what is coming.

    Yes, we evaluate our life situation on a regular basis and that is a kind of test, but if we passed the personal development tests? Nope. Nobody does. Some things cannot be accurately measured.

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