What is Holistic Personal Development? Holism is a Whole Life

This site claims to represent "holistic personal development" and since the term "holistic" is used in a number of fields - perhaps most commonly in holistic therapy - we will outline some similarities with the approach of holistic therapies and this site´s concept.

ALL content of this site represents holistic personal development. Wealth and health. Spirit and body. One does not exclude the other. The main thing all these personal development ideas have in common is that they all start from the inside. Everything that goes on within ourselves is what really matters, and taking responsibility for our mental, spiritual and emotional health is the best approach we can use for sustainable self improvement and success in life.

So it is all about personal growth and development, and as long as the end result takes the whole human being and its surrounding environment (globally, locally and universally) into account, it is holistic.

The word "holistic" derives from the Greek "holos", which simply means "whole". A useful definition of "holism" is "to emphasize the importance of the whole while realizing that the parts are dependent on each other."

Life is a intricate fabric of many threads. Life consists of more than our bodies. Bodies are merely the garage of the soul.

"We are not physical beings having a spiritual experience, but we are spiritual beings having a physical experience."

(Wayne Dyer)

The spirit is the soul. It is the real YOU. It needs nourishment. It is there to lead you in the right direction. Intuition is connected to your spiritual self. If, for example, prayer is you talking to God, intuition is God talking to you!

The mental part is everything that concerns the mind. It is the thinking process, it is all things we are aware or unaware of. We can definitely affect our mental status. Throughout this site, there are many tools and information that anybody has free access to.

Affirmations are great for affecting your mind in the direction you like. Even goal setting is a way of directing your mind.

Emotional health is one component, just as valuable and necessary as all the others for a harmonic life. By now it is obvious that these building blocks for personal development go together and affect each other. Moreover, each block requires the others. They form a holistic unity; your life.

From here we will take a closer look at the question in the headline; What is holistic personal development?

Similarities between holistic therapies and holistic personal development

  • Focus on the whole situation, not just one single part. That is why we offer information on different areas in life. Little by little all of these merge together to a healthy life.

  • Focus on "self-healing". YOU are responsible for YOUR life and only you can improve it. Others can assist you, but the desire has to stem from you and the work has to be carried out by you personally. You welcome information and knowledge, but you have to apply it to your situation. Personal responsibility is key.

  • Holistic personal development recognizes the underlying cause of the problem means to not focus on the symptom only. Focus on your mental ability to achieve anything you want. Everything starts with a thought. The ancestor to every single action is a thought. Therefore, if something needs to be improved, begin with your thoughts (= the underlying cause)! In many ways, that is personal growth in a nut shell. Especially holistic personal development.

  • Recognize the mind-body connection. They affect each other equally. It is impossible to think depressing thoughts if you use your body in a positive way: Try dancing around to some uplifting music and smile in front of the mirror. Negativity? Gone. Increase positive thinking, and your body will respond too.

  • Focus on helping people help themselves. Tools and assistance are fine, but ultimately the responsibility for your life is yours and nobody else´s. If a person relies on other people´s help (of any kind: financial, emotional, spiritual, mental...) for too long, they become crippled and unable to take responsibility. Holistic personal development guides people in the direction of their choice.

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