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- the best authors are the best coaches

There are many personal development authors and the very best of them are like a life coach for personal development to me and many others. I present some of my favorite coaches/teachers of personal growth and development throughout this website.

What does a life coach for personal development do and in what respect can an author provide tips, ideas and motivation for substantial personal and professional development and impovement?

First of all, I believe that “a home without books is like a person without a soul”.

Of course, many highly inspirational people never read a book in their lives, and are the most wise and spiritual people you could imagine. But in my opinion, they are very rare… I believe that books are an unbeatable way of gaining inspiration and wisdom from. So that is an excellent starting point when looking for a life coach for personal devlopment; look at what all of these great books I have read through the years have given me. The best books on personal development provide the concepts, ideas, tools and the inspiration to continue on your own.

In my experience, never become dependent on an other person, even if he or she is an excellent life coach for personal development. The whole purpose of developing yourself is to expand as a human being, take responsibility for your life and to live as fully as possible. In other words, to reach your full potential, even if that phrase is a little worn out.

Again, speaking about how books on personal development can improve your life and their authors can act as your life coach for personal development, it is important to remember the purposes I have just mentioned.

Personally, I like to think of my home as a place which reflects my taste, interests and personality. A huge part of my life consists of reading books on personal development and related topics. As a result, there are thousands of books in my home. I am so fond of certain books and authors that I consider them my personal development coaches. But that is not to say that I depend on them forever. I am eternally grateful for the insights they have provided me with. A lot of it is knowledge that I now pass on to my readers. But a coach is there to push you, to lift you up and to encourage you. And that is what the best authors do. They are your teacher and mentors. They are a true friend and they are your personal development coach for as long as you need them.

For many years, I have also collected many audios on topics like personal growth, positive thinking, mental strength, personal power, goal setting, success, affirmations and similar topics which I listen to in the car or whenever I want inspiration in life.

Some favorite speakers of mine are Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins and Jim Rohn. Wayne Dyer is entertaining, talkative and paraphrases his words in several ways to get his message across. He uses a lot of humor and is a wonderful speaker. In so many ways, Wayne Dyer has been a life coach for personal development to me, a personal favorite in the area of self-reliance, personal responsibility and authentic living.

Tony Robbins is one of the best speakers in the world. He teaches his skills to leaders worldwide, and is simply great at getting his messages on personal power across to his audience. Tony Robbins is possibly the best personal development coach you will ever find.

Another master and teacher of personal development is Jim Rohn. He was Tony Robbins´mentor long ago, so Jim Rohn has done an excellent jos as a life coach for personal development! There is no other personal development author and teacher like Jim Rohn. His way of speaking is like singing. I have listened to his audios so many times that I know some parts of them verbatim. Jim Rohn is an example of a great coach who guides you towards your dreams and is endlessly supportive.

Some other amazing authors, teachers and coaches on personal development and personal power are Carlos Castaneda, Paulo Coelho and Don Miguel Ruiz.

What all these speakers, teachers and authors share is their experiences with people and life. The best coaches for personal development share their experiences in ways we can all relate to, take action and grow.

Personally I prefer indirect lessons from these masters. They share a story or some sort of wisdom which the reader himself has to digest, interpret and transform into his own knowledge.

Skillful teachers and coaches tell a story (true or fictional) that is full of interpretation possibilities. One reader might learn something entirely different from that story than another reader. It naturally depends on our personalities and how we choose to perceive reality.

To me, there is a little bit of truth in the proverb; is a home without books like a person without a soul. I feel that books indeed add soul to my home. There are personal development books that I have read countless times. They have become my friends and coach me on my personal development journey. Like all good friends, they add a lot of soul to my life!

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