Steps of Positive Thinking

-small steps in the right direction

Positive thinking doesn´t always come easily. However, here are easy steps of positive thinking to apply in your daily life. I believe that positive thinking is a habit we need to cultivate in order for that thinking pattern to become a natural part of our inner dialogue. Anything that is done little by little, is more likely to become a new habit. Therefore, it is better to go through the small steps of positive thinking on a daily basis, rather than expect immediate results.

Nobody will shift a negative thinking pattern into a positive one overnight. Some steps of positive thinking can be learnt very easily, however. Start be scrutinizing your present thinking and inner dialogue.

steps of positive thinking

The most common way of talking to ourselves is usually negative; "I´m not good enough, I always fail, I´m too poor" etc.

But the truth is that we create our reality ourselves. Our focus decides which world we live in. Do I want to remain trapped in negativity and attract bad things and people into my world? Or do I prefer thoughts which have a positive effect on me and my life?

The answer is obvious, but reaching a certain level of positive thinking requires a certain amount of practise, just like any other skill. The small steps of positive thinking are of tremendous value. When we ask ourselves "How is it possible to eat an elephant?" the simple answer is that you eat a small piece every day, and after some time you will have finished it!

The same rule applies to positive thinking. Do some small steps of positive thinking on a daily basis, and you will train your brain to work with you. Not against you.

Do not always speculate about the worst possible outcome. Make it a habit to speculate about the best possible outcome instead.
That is what visualization and affirmations do. They both send signals to our mind and instruct it to act in accordance with our focus.

Therefore, if we focus on pain, we will produce more pain for ourselves and those around us. If we focus on angry people, we will have conflicts. Accordingly, if we focus on happiness, we will see possibilities. Our focus decides which world we live in.

There are some useful mental excercises for turning negative thought patterns into positive ones.

Steps of positive thinking:

1. Select something in your life that you aren´t totally happy about. For example: You dislike your job and are into the habit of repeating "I hate my job" or something similar like "I´m exhausted" to yourself.

2. Write down the opposite of that. For example: "I love my job" or "I am full of energy".

3. Sit down, relax, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Now create a vivid image of the positive statement you just wrote down. Use all senses. For example: Where are you? What sounds are there? How do you feel? What do you do? What does it look like?

Hopefully you feel totally good about the positive image. Do this excercise daily. It is especially good to practice this in a relaxed state before going to sleep.

This is one step towards changing our negative thoughts into positive thinking. Our focus decides which world we live in.

"The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible." (Benjamin Franklin)

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