The Law of Attraction

and the Secret are not secrets

Many people who are interested in personal development are familiar with the "law of attraction". Broadly speaking, it describes a process that takes place in our minds, a creation in thought which resonates with Universe and brings us what we wish for. Actually, it manifests what we think about, whether we desire it or not.

The law of attraction teaches us that often we do not pay attention to the thoughts we create. If we worry or complain for instance, we create more of the exact things we say we dislike and want to avoid. That is why we need to pay close attention to our thoughts.

If we produce thoughts about what we want, we will manifest more of that. Consequently, it makes sense not to complain about bad health, poor economy or other issues we find undesirable. Because we do not want to manifest more of that, right? The law of attraction teaches us to focus on what we do want to manifest. That is why it is such an excellent tool for personal development.

The law of attraction was not invented by any means by the creators of the movie "The Secret", but that movie popularized the ideas and made them available to the masses.

"The Secret", however, is not at all secret, in my opinion. The law of attraction, once explained can be applied by anybody to literally attract anything you want into your life. And the movie is a long testimonial to its effectiveness.

"The Secret" features a large number of so called successful people (bear in mind that "success" is defined differently by different individuals) from different industries, mainly personal development related industries, though.

There are authors like Jack Canfield (The Success Principles, Chicken Soup for the Soul), Denis Waitley (The Psychology of Winning), John Gray (Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus), Neale Donald Walsch (Conversations with God) in the movie.

Other participants include Fred Alan Wolf, Wallace Wattles, Joe Vitale, Marci Shimoff, David Schirmer, James Arthur Ray, Bob Proctor and Lisa Nichols and many others.

What they all share is how the law of attraction helped them reach the level of success that they desired. It is fun, inspiring and motivating. But the secret which they all refer to is not a secret at all. Why?

Why "The Secret" and the Law of Attraction are not really secrets:

1. The law of attraction (LOA) is a law of nature. Another natural law is gravity and very few people question its validity.

There´s a wonderful exception in a kids´movie starring Dustin Hoffman "Mr. Magorium´s Wonder Emporium". In it we see all kind of incredible things happen due to the belief in magic. But generally speaking, the law of gravity is definite...

And so is the law of attraction, with the only difference that many people question its validity most of the time. They believe that things in life just happen. That they have no power to decide the outcome.

Additionally, they believe that the power of thought is underrated and has no connection with actual events taking place in their lives.

However, the law of attraction is like the law of gravity, and you do not have to understand exactly how it works, it will work regardless. And the same is true of the law of attraction. You think in terms of what you want to attract into your life, rather than what you do not want to manifest.

2. We are all energy and are surrounded by an energy field. If we focus on attracting what we want, the frequency of those thoughts will resonate with the same energy vibrations in Universe.

That is how the law of attraction works. It manifests what we choose to think about. Notice the word choose. Every single person on planet Earth is responsible for his or her thoughts. Nobody else can create a thought inside the head of you or anybody else. That is such a powerful insight!

Similarly, if we send out negative thoughts and expectations, we will attract that into our lives too. Consequently, we need to get really careful about what we think about!

Habitually, many of us send out negative expectations on a regular basis. "That person really annoys me. I hope that she will not turn up at the event next week." If we focus our attention like this, she will most likely end up sitting right next to you throughout the entire event!

There are such great similarities between the law of attraction, affirmations and positive thinking. More about that in a minute.

In summary, each person is an energy field and radiates certain amounts of energy. Like an antenna, we pick up certain frequencies.

It is not likely that we pick up the news broadcast from the other side of the world if we have tuned into our local radio station. That is how the law of attraction works too. We tune into our desires, keep our focus there and do not worry about the outcome. Universe takes care of that, because you have sent out the frequencies. Universe has to respond to that.

3. The LOA is ancient and has been taught by spiritual leaders of all times. The producers of the movie "The Secret" did a great job in spreading its message to the world and hopefully its popularity has started a positive chain of thoughts and actions that will make a positive shift in the human consciousness.

That is why I do not criticize the makers of "The Secret" of being superficial or over-simplifying matters, as many others do. I think the main point is to educate people about the power of thought and its consequences.

"Thoughts become things." Indeed, the realities we create have two manifestations, the first one in thought and the second one in substance. "We become what we think about, all day long..." (Earl Nightingale)

Easy and doable tips on how to apply the law of attraction:

  • A positive thought is one hundred times more powerful than a negative one. If you remember this, you will not blame yourself for days when you feel hopelessly negative. Try to counter any negative thought with a positive one. That is the best you can do.

  • Thankfulness has an extremely high and pure frequency. Many times we take things and people for granted. But if we stop ourselves for a moment or two and let a feeling of thankfulness penetrate into everything we have so far manifested into our lives, more positive energy will be attracted into our lives. And more of what we truly desire. Appreciation, sincerely meant and formulated is such a fantastic way of eliminating negativity. It is far easier to set negativity aside when we feel that we give and receive appreciation. Remember to generously display an attitude of thankfulness. There are great affirmations for this. Try these simple ones: "I always choose to think positively in all ways in all situations." "I am grateful for everyone and everything in my life."

  • Practise giving. Yes, try to give as much as you can. Not material things only of course, but abstract things like attention, appreciation, smiles, support, encouragement, understanding, respect... "A smile has no value until you give it away." (Wayne Dyer) Be generous. Be giving. Be great. Be as great as you possible can! Again, we return to a central concept of this personal development site; you have to be before you do in order to have. So be generous, you will get generosity in return.

  • All in all, you do not have to understand how the law of attraction works, just focus on what you want and become aware of your thoughts.
    Notice what thought patterns there are. Notice how a negative thought gives birth to hundreds of others. Notice how your mind tries to justify its negativity and blaming others.
    Learn step by step to identify your thoughts and be responsible for the thoughts and frequencies you send out. Focus on joy, gratefulness and giving. And you shall receive.
    Lastly, remember that whatever the mind can conceive - you can achieve!

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