Wayne Dyer;

A Modern Age Philosopher Offers More Than Your Erroneous Zones

Thank You God for the wisdom that Wayne Dyer brings us! In a world that often needs a little encouragement, his views on humanity display so much insight and bring us back to hope. Wayne Dyer is so much more than Your Erroneous Zones! That is an excellent personal development book, a classic by now.

Your Erroneous Zones was written by Dyer in 1976, and it is still of current interest, full of wisdom and practical self improvement advice and methods for self development. It is a great starting point for the whole body of Wayne Dyer´s work.

Nowadays, his writings and recordings are quite different from "Your Erroneous Zones". Naturally both Dyer, his outlook on life and his style of writing have changed and developed a great deal since 1976.

It came as no surprise to me that Dyer recently make a movie, "Ambition to Meaning", in which he also stars. He is just incredibly productive.

I sometimes get religiously fond of an author. If a writer displays integrity, a unique voice and a clear and positive message I will like him/her. If he/she adds a sense of humor too, I will read every word they write.

Moreover, if what he/she writes is so thought provoking yet inspiring and optimistic about our human race, I will recommend that author to anybody I meet or speak to.

Yes, Dr. Wayne Dyer is such an author.

This brief video will reveal the metaphor that Wayne Dyer uses to describe the importance of developing ourselves from the inside, which was the starting point of this personal development site and logo:

My respect for him is so great that one of these days I will dedicate this site to him and his teachings. And God willing, I will meet Dr. Dyer, share ideas and experiences with him and then publish a photo of Wayne Dyer and myself on this website for personal development as a piece of inspiration to my readers. :)

Why? I have enjoyed his work for many years. I did not however, read his first book Your Erroneous Zones when it was published in 1976.

I discovered Dr. Dyer through an audio tape that I had purchased somewhere and kept in my car for ages. Isn´t it funny how the teacher always appears when the student is ready?

One day as I made a long car trip across Sweden, I began listening to the tape. Wayne´s voice was persuasive, emotional, personal and totally genuine.

I was so moved that I had to stop driving and stay at a parking lot to finish listening to the stories he shared. I wish I could recall the exact episode, maybe it was how he helped a man finding the true purpose in life through a series of letters that he had to read one by one by the sea, write his troubles in the sand and see them vanish with the tide.

Or perhaps it was about that time when Dr. Dyer was out driving with some youngsters and they were approached by a homeless man. The youngsters were scornful, but Wayne Dyer decided to give the man some money.

The young men claimed that it was wrong and a waste because the beggar would just spend it on drugs or other useless things. Dyer then told them that he didn´t care. It was an act between him and God, not between him and the homeless man.

Another unforgettable story is about Wayne Dyer himself as he describes his search for his father, who had left the entire family as Dyer´s mother was in hospital giving birth.

Wayne Dyer grew up not knowing or meeting his father at all. In his early thirties, Dyer was so wrapped up in hatred and bitterness that it was destroying his life. After a long search and guidance which sounds improbable (but is true!), he found the grave of his father.

Wayne Dyer then spent a few hours by the grave shouting, cursing and blaming his father for all the evil things he had done. It all ended in a deep sense of forgiveness. And love. A realization that his father had been the most influential person in his life, a fact that had helped him become the man he then was.

And as he forgave his father by the grave, he had no resentment left. None at all. And after that magical episode, he has felt nothing but gratitude towards his father. That is so powerful!

In fact, it was after the forgiving of his father that Wayne Dyer, according to himself, wrote the entire Your Erroneous Zones in 14 days, started a healthy life style and quitting his destructive relationships.

It was a transformation. And I strongly believe that Dyer has helped hundreds of others leaving their painful past behind just through the courageous act of retelling this powerful true story about forgiving his father.

Since that introduction to Wayne Dyer of mine, I have listened to countless of his excellent audio CD:s and read most of his great books. I personally prefer listening to him, and the reason is the personal and genuine tone of his voice.

Additionally I admire the seemingly lack of censorship. Dyer often relates episodes that he is not particularly proud of, but he shares them because he doesn´t pretend to be any better or wiser than he is. To most of us however, his wisdom is good enough for us and truly enrich our lives!

Until recently I provided a complete list of the works (personal development books and, CD:s and films) of Dr. Dyer here on this page. However, I decided to remove it, since readers can easily access that imformation through for instance Wikipedia.

Dyer is often called "the father of motivation", to which Dr. Dyer responds; "as if I didn´t have enough children already!" He is a father of eight children....

Another thing I just love about him is his ability to extract profound wisdom out of everyday events. He sees the extraordinary in the "ordinary". That is why he is a modern age philosopher!

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