Self Improvement And Motivation Go Together Towards Success In Life

Self improvement and motivation go together like a horse and carriage. To motivate yourself during tough times, to keep engaging in self improvement despite challenges and to stay positive about your own personal development is essential for personal growth. Consequently, self improvement and motivation are inseparable and equally important.

As I stated in the intro, personal growth and motivation go together like a horse and carriage. I could not resist the lyrics of that old Frank Sinatra song. And the rest: "This I tell you brother, you can´t have one without the other!Try, try, try and separate them, it´s an illusion. Try, try, try and you will only this conclusion."

And my conclusion is that you need motivation to engage in self improvement of any kind, and you need some sort of personal development to keep you motivated. Because if there is no progress or change taking place, you will be discouraged. Self improvement and motivation are essential success principles.

Let´s take a look at what self improvement and motivation could be about.

For anything you want to change in your life, you need to take action. It could be that you would like a healthier life style, better relationships, more time freedom and more financial freedom. It could be any number of other things; a more spiritual life for example.

To reach any of those, you would have to engage in some kind of self improvement. There isn´t really any difference between the terms self improvement and personal development. They both indicate personal growth and development.

Self growth is yet another term. What they all have in common is that the growth and development has to emanate from you, the will has to emanate from you and the results also come from you.

Accordingly, you also have to keep yourself motivated to do all this. Self improvement and motivation are inseparable.

Self improvement and motivation advice/How to motivate yourself for success:

1. Accept the fact that motivation is like food

We need inputs of motivation on a daily basis, or we´ll starve. Anybody who has read a great book on self improvement and motivation will know what I mean. You feel energized, you want to take action and implement the tips as soon as possible and you want to have more of it later on. That is how motivation works. It does not last forever. In fact, we need a daily dose to keep our self improvement and motivation up and going.

One of my favorite author on self improvement and motivation, Zig Ziglar, once drew a parallel to taking a daily bath. If we stopped taking baths or showers, we would soon get very unattractive. So motivation does not last either, you have to get motivated again on a daily basis. How do you do that?

2. Your "why" is essentially your daily motivation

The question is, what keeps you motivated? In goal setting theory and the process of setting and achieving goals, this is really the most important factor, the starting point of all personal development and self improvement. If you can figure out your "why" you want a specific result, it will be much easier to engage in self improvement and motivation will come more naturally.

Here are some examples of personal motivation or "whys": "I want to spend more time at home with my family." "I want to retire at the age of 50." "I want to make that dream trip within one year." "I want to find my true purpose in life." "I want to exercise regularly." "I want to be economically independent within ten years." "I want to live a free and creative life." You can easily turn these statements into powerful motivational affirmations.
So once you know why you want a specific result, it is easy to make adjustments accordingly.

3. Immerse yourself in motivational material that work for you

There are so many great books on self improvement and motivation. They all have different styles and attitudes. If you find one that you like, who "speaks to you" and really motivates you; get into it. Then read more and more from the same author and follow their recommendations on further reading for self improvement and motivation. I have found many great books for personal development this way.

According to research, there is a ladder that can be applied to how most people take in information. The base of the ladder is the written word. I personally benefit greatly from any written sources. It appeals to the way I learn and digest information. However, I get very motivated from audios too. It is a matter of preferences.

The next level up then would be videos. For obvious reasons, the more senses you engage simultaneously, the better the intake.

Further up on the ladder would be live meeting. And anybody who has been to a live training or live motivational session with any of the giants like Anthony Robbins, Jim Rohn or Zig Ziglar will know what I am talking about. You will get so motivated that you cannot sleep. That is just how these live trainings are designed to reprogram your subconscious. Do not resist it, if you feel pumped up, it has worked for you and you just have to keep feeding your daily self improvement and motivation.

Lastly, at the top of this imaginary ladder, there is personal face-to-face meetings with a person who is truly motivational. Inside of you there will be self improvement and motivation is provided by the other person. Actually, there will be an interaction where you give and take and benefit equally.

In brief, feed your mind with good stuff. Anything that inspires and motivates you. Listening to your favorite singer or poet could recharge your batteries. Just make sure you charge your batteries every day, or you will not function properly.

That is essentially how you motivate yourself for success. (Whatever success means to you. Go back to your "why".)

4. Engage in activities you like, love or feel passionate about!

There is no better way to move towards self improvement and motivation than to engage in activities you really like, preferably love, or even better that you are passionate about. Whenever you do something you like, you are energized and happy. You do not check the time every five seconds, you do not think about other duties and activities. You are self motivating right then and could easily inspire and motivate others too.

Everybody has their own passion that motivates them. If not, it is a great idea to find out what it could be. Do not suppress it anymore!

Success in life comes from the ability to listening to your heart and follow its advice. You can pick up self improvement advice and get motivation, inspiration and ideas from these advice. But the best and truest form of motivation emanates from your own passion. When you know how to take it and motivate yourself for success, there is nothing that can stop you.

All in all, engaging in activities you do not really like is energy draining. And you get lots of energy from taking part in activities you do love.

Sometimes we have to do things that we are not so crazy about, but one of the best tips for self improvement and motivation is this: Do what you love or love what you do. Remind yourself of this next time you have to do something you are not so fond of. It will be a lot easier. Say it to yourself like a mantra: "Do what you love or love what you do."

5. Take little steps towards your dream

When you get desired results and notice a positive change taking place, take more steps in the same direction. Success breeds on success. And personal success (whatever success means to you) is a great motivator. That really is why self improvement and motivation go together and create such power.

6. Stay around people you like and who energize you

There are people who you feel great with, get along with and feel energized being around. Increase interactions like this as much as you can. Life is too short to hang around energy thieves who rob your energy and drain you of enthusiasm and zest for life. The energizers will support your self improvement and motivation takes place without effort.

When you are motivated, self improvement and success takes place all the time. And the great things is that you will become an energizer, someone others want to hang around. You will create a circle of positive energy, motivation and an attitude of success.

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