Self Improvement and Success; Engage in Your Personal Growth and Development to Reach Your Goals

All self improvement and success begin with you, emanate from you and are dependent on you and how you motivate yourself for success in order to reach your goals. Goals setting, motivation, affirmations, self improvement and success are all parts of the bigger picture; how you will reach your fullest potential and maximum success (whatever success means to you).

Success is such a wide term and means different things to different people in different circumstances. Generally speaking, everybody has to define their own success. It could be finacial success, social success, material success, emotional success or spiritual success. Various aspects of "What is success?" is discussed in depth here.

What all levels of achievement have in common though is your personal commitment to setting and achieving your specific goals, to motivate yourself for success and to do what it takes to get there. In other words, self improvement and success are dependent on each other.

Financial self improvement and success

There is a wonderful quote by the great personal development speaker and teacher Jim Rohn that summarizes the importance of self improvement in order to get economically successful: "Income follows personal growth." It means, as discussed in the goal setting section, that we have to be in order to do in order to have.

We often begin at the wrong end of things, thinking that we should have certain possesions in order to do certain activities and to be happy, fulfilled or successful. The whole concept of self improvement starts from the inside.

Self improvement and social success

A lot of our actions stem from the simple fact that we want to be socially acceptable, have a certain level of social success. Throughout our childhood we either get approval or disapproval for our actions, and we quickly learn what we need to do to get love and attention from our parents.

And then the social conditioning continues with school being a prime example of social brain wash. Once we are adults, we usually have no idea what we like, prefer or even feel, because we have been trained to think in socially acceptable terms instead of asking ourselves what we like, prefer or feel.

If we want to break free from the collective brain wash, we need to be strong. The great motivational and inspirational teacher Wayne Dyer puts it like this: "In order to be limitless people, we need to free ourselves from the good opinion of other people."

Wayne Dyer got that piece of wisdom from his mentor Abraham Maslow. It takes a lot of courage to free yourself from the good opinion of other people.

But you do not have to care about what neighbors think, nor what your employer, friends, parents or children think about you. You have to approve of yourself. That is the main point and the starting point of your social success. Because how can anybody be truly socially successful, if they do not truly like themselves. (Or even better love themselves...)

Self improvement and emotional success

The phrase emotional success sounds a bit weird, right? But I really think it is very central to a person´s over all success. When you are emotionally balanced and feel that you accept yourself, deserve success and when you are ready to give away what you want yourself (love, money, gratitude etc), then you will reach success in every area in life. Emotional success is not a static condition, you work on it by being in the "Now" as Eckhart Tolle describes so well.

Anybody who is emotionally starved needs to focus on his/her own needs and see that they are good enough, beautiful enough and wonderful enough. Stop pretending that you need to be like someone else in order to deserve a successful life in every sense.


Engage in your own self improvement and success will manifest itself in evey way you imagine.

"A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination."

(Nelson Mandela)

Mr. Mandela if anybody knows how self improvement and success go hand in hand. He has applied it on a personal level of course, in order to survive all the years in prison.

But what is more, I am sure that Nelson Mandela showed his supporters and people how self improvement and success are inseperable on a large scale as a became the president of a nation!

Hope and personal responsibility that support your own dreams are the basis of the kind of self improvement and success that can take you from the bottom to the top. You got to have faith! You got to believ that you can do it! Whatever the mind can conceive, you can achieve, has never been more true.

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